WordPress Prompt

Wednesday’s WordPress prompt is list five thungs you do for fun. So here goes:

1. Write- gratitude blog or poetry, I like trying my hand at forms of poetry I’ve never tried or haven’t in years

2. Paint- with paints or on app

3. Listen to music- Classic Rock, Country and Reggae/Sing/Dance

4. Surf the net/Social networking- Facebook, Pinterest & Mastodon

5. Play with, pet, snuggle or walk dogs

Two things I am looking forward to starting:

1. Later today I’m going to call the local animal shelter and look into volunteer work since I love dogs and have a genuine respect for other animals. I’ll have to coordinate this with my family too since I don’t drive.

2. I’ve been looking for a craft I might be interested in doing and I’m thinking of doing macrame and making collages.

Kicking the habit:

I’ve about had it with the bar. It’s a non-violent bar where I never get hit on and most people don’t get drunk but the owner is a horrible gossip


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