Journaling My Gratitude, Day 115

I’ve been grateful for God before, but this is different. This time I am grateful for a new relationship with God. I’ve probably worshipped God just as intensely in the past but this is something deeper, more of a connection. He understands me. I understand Him.

We’re teammates in this game of me versus life. The obstacles keep rolling in like barrels in a game of Donkey Kong and I cannot jump over them without God’s magic. But with God’s magic, I’m jumping them, doing pirouettes in the air, pointing my toes and angling in for graceful landings. All that just in time for the next barrel. God and I have got to save the princess. That’s me. Yes, this time the princess starts at the bottom and has to make it to the top. God is Mario standing at the top sprinkling magic dust down on my head. Yeah, I don’t guess I will win till my earthly body dies. But the good news is, all indications point to God routing me on and he’s kind of the referee, so this couldn’t look more promising.

Of course, this is all sixth-sense speculation but I’ve always felt confident in my internal God dialogue.

Oh yeah, the devil is the donkey rolling barrels at me. He’s such a loser. (Looks over shoulder upon saying that. Nope. No donkey behind me.)

Praise the Lord.

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