Journaling My Gratitude, Day 114

First of all I want you to know this gets hard at times because I won’t write about being grateful for something that I am not grateful for.

But I am grateful that I’m not from an extremely wealthy family. First, parents show their children less love in wealthy families. Wealthy children are typically raised by nannies before being shipped off to boarding school. They are then pressured to marry money. And the person they marry was likely pressured to marry them. Truly in their entire lifetimes they never know love. Sure, they have children who love them but they don’t know that because they spend no time with their children.

Plus the more money you have the more you want. Isn’t that obvious from watching the extremely wealthy protect the money they have and always try to add to it even though they clearly do not need all that they’ve already got and then watching the poor squander the little they have. Buddhism counts gŕeed as a main contributor to unhappiness. I would say it’s either greed or envy.

Attached picture is from Facebook.


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