Journaling My Gratitude, Day 58

Today I am grateful for washing machines and dryers that actually do the laundry for you. Washing machines have agitators that, when combined with laundry detergent and water, rids clothes and linens of all their acquired dirt. The washing machine rubs the clothes against the agitator to rid the clothes of dirt and stains. For tougher stains, you just spray the stain with stain remover before putting it in the washer. The water automatically adds itself to the machine from installed wall plugs in just the right amounts. Then it drains the dirty water through the pipes and out of your home and fills up again. This cycle gets all of the soap out and, once again, sends the water out through pipes to the sewer. And finally, it rings most of the water out of the clothes. All you had to do was throw the clothes in, add some detergent, close the lid and pick a cycle on the dial.

Next you get the clean, rung out clothes and put them in the dryer. If you’re anything like me, you used to add a dryer sheet to keep your clothes from clinging together once they were dry. Well, those have been replaced by dryer balls that can be used over and over for load after load. You just leave them in the dryer all the time. You pick a cycle on the dial again, close the door and push the start button. Then poof. About an hour later your dryer buzzes notifying you that it is done doing the laindry on your behalf and that your clothes are clean and dry and ready to be hung up.

I don’t know why, however, noone has invented a machine that will fold, hang up and put the clothes away or the linens back on the beds. Hopefully they’re getting close with that.


2 responses to “Journaling My Gratitude, Day 58”

  1. If only a machine that would put away the clothes for you existed. Life would be much simpler. But for now we can be thankful for washing machines and dryers.

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    1. Yeah, they do save us a whole lotta work.

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