Trump Supporters

They’re now saying that Trump supporters are a cult and they want to reprogram them. That works for me cause 1) my uncle and cousin were not this stupid prior to 2016 and 2) I actually started suspecting my schizoaffective disorder was playing tricks on me again. I just couldn’t believe this many people had simply gone batshit, became puppets, were this level of stupid… I mean, I posted on facebook on Veterans day that “a large chunk of people” in this country had tried to take the rights our soldiers died so we could have. One guy asked me which chunk. Another said, “Ditto.” Yep, I’d say fox news played some kind of jedi mind tricks, subliminal messages. I hope they get sued.

2 responses to “Trump Supporters”

  1. My mom drank the kool-aid too.

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    1. That’s so sad. I’m thinking about making my cousin a tiktok video cause now I know it’s not his fault

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